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      Safety & Quality Policy  

Our company is accredited with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate and we are planning to be accredited with OHSAS 18001: 1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The plan of implementation of our Occupational Health and Safety program is being directed by the top management.

Mohd. Faleh Cont. Est. strong commitment and dedication to safety is unique. We not only meet current safety regulations and practices — We are dedicated to provide a safe and healthful environment for all employees and customers and to ensure that employees, clients and the public are safe.

MFH most valuable resource is the people who work for us, all safety programs and policies are aimed at preventing accidents and incidents. MFH has developed and implemented a safety program in accordance with Saudi Aramco Safety codes and standards to eliminate work injuries to our employees and the public. Our safety program will continually improve operations and reduce personal injuries. We make safety not only our goal, but also a way of life.


Quality Management Systems

Mohd. F. Al-Hajri Cont. Est. (MFH) is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and complies with various ISO and international standards to meet contractual and regulatory requirements. The top management is committed to the best quality of services to the customers and innovation as means to ensure maximum client satisfaction and secure a foundation for sustainable growth.

The policy of The policy of MFH is to deliver services to the client on time in conformance with contract requirements. For this purpose MFH has developed and maintained a Quality Management System (QMS) covering procurement and construction in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards and has Continual Improvement program through monitoring, measuring, and analysis. Quality system documents have been grouped into three levels named (Levei-1); Quality system manual , business processes, procedures, guidelines, QA/QC & Safety manual, work instructions & specifications (level-2), forms and (level-3), records. MFH Quality Manual Includes; Quality Policy, objectives and the scope of the QMS. Documented Procedures and processes for managing our operations and activities. Brief description of the interaction between the procedures of the QMS. MFH Quality System Procedures are a compilation of interrelated and interacting procedures written to reflect the management system that we currently use.
In addition to QMS, MFH develops quality plans specific for each project as per client quality Management system requirements and Guidelines. Project quality plans, work instructions and inspection and test plans spell out the requirements of the project and lays down which company procedures are to be used to program and control the works of the project.

QA/QC Personnel

The main function of QA/QC personnel is to monitor installation activities, perform inspection and testing, and ensure that products and services meet specified requirements. QA/QC personnel will take adequate measures to ensure implementation of Project Quality Plan. FH shall determine the training needs necessary to ensure the capability of personnel to identify quality factors affecting the project or processes on a planned and timely basis. Special training is given to quality control personnel  

Audit & Testing Agencies

An independent accredited certification company certifies any certifies MFH’s QMS documentation and implementation is compliant with the requirements. Internal auditing as per ISO 19011 (Guidelines for quality and environment management systems auditing) of the QMS is performed on regular basis, for the purpose of continual improvement. Project Quality Audits is being performed on the different phases of projects covering procurement, construction and commissioning. Project Quality Plans is the basic reference document for internal auditing of specific project. MFH outsourced testing agencies to do independent testing for qualification of special process and certification of personnel in accordance with applicable international standards.



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